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1. How do you charge?
Most of the times we work with a retainer. We may charge per hour or per case depending on the requirements of the case. Travel and other expenses are compensated by the client upon presentation of the invoices. 

2. Do you travel abroad? 
Yes. Most of our Lawyers and Associates are EU citizens and traveling arrangements as well as Visas are quite easy to obtain. 

3. Do you have other Professionals on board?
If your case requires an Auditor, an IT Professional, a Local Lawyer, a Graphologist, or a Professional Investigator, we maintain our own network of professionals capable to cover every aspect of the required investigation. 

4. How can I get in touch
with your team? 
We are happy to discuss your case in practically every platform, including Skype, Messenger, Zoom, Linkedin messaging, Instagram etc. 
Please consult our "Contact" section.   

International Organizations such as NATO, the UN and the various EU bodies, as well as several prestigious international Non-Governmental Organizations including the International Committee of the Red Cross, Médecins sans frontières, Oxfam and Save the Children maintain a robust system to investigate discipline violations and infringements of their Code of Conduct policies. 

Most of the times these organizations have also constructed a procedural system, which varies from an official trial (such as the UN Dispute Tribunals in Geneva, New York and Nairobi), to a semi-tribunal (such as the UNRWA Dispute Tribunal), a Discipline Board Session, or an in camera Committee of Colleagues. 

Investigation and Ombuds mechanisms are most of the times also provided, set up in a manner quite similar to those which we see in States, as they are also frequently staffed by former police and military professionals. 

However, in all the cases we have worked on, International Organizations and NGOs seem to care more about their reputation rather than discovering the truth or providing the employee with the essential judicial guarantees of a court of law.

Even more frequently, the organizations bluntly deny their own responsibilites to control supervisors, ending up with policies directly supporting abuse of power. 

"When the Boss doesn't like you,
sooner or later you'll be expelled". 

This is an unfortunate truth we have seen repeating in many cases we have worked on.

If you happened to be one of those employees accused of a violation of your Code of Conduct, a breach of your contractual terms, or if you have been offended or harmed in any way by a decision of your hierarchy and you wish to present your case before a UN Tribunal, a Board or a Committee of an NGO, or write to your internal Ombudsperson, our team can help you build your case and present it in writing or orally. 

If your case reaches the courtroom, our experienced lawyers can represent you in any location around the world. 

Our experience working with NATO, the UN system and the International Committee of the Red Cross can help you put together a set of evidence, present witness testimonies and win your case. 

We are here to listen. 
We are here to resolve.         

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