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Whether your case is brought before a Criminal, Civil or Administrative court or in a Court Martial or Military Tribunal, we have the suitable lawyer specialised in the field of law for your unique needs.


With an unparalleled previous career as a military Legal Advisor spanning over twenty years, we are proud to be among the few Attorneys who have a hands-on experience in the Military and Security sector specific needs, providing credible representation and knowledgeable etiquette. 



Our familiarity with the complex requirements of representation in International Courts and Tribunals, and our several years of field experience in criminal investigations, make us the most reliable addition to your defence for violations of International Humanitarian Law. 



In a highly demanding field of legal practice, our team can help persons without familiarity to the Hellenic justice system claim and successfully present their cases in and outside the courtroom. 



In a field where the truth remains often concealed by corporate power and extortion, our team can understand the sensitive character of the cases, enhance your voice, and bring those responsible before a court of law. 

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When the law requires a settlement attempt, the attorney's character is as important as their experience and knowledge. 

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 A legal subject with a series of perticularities in both its criminal law handling and the nature of the stolen objects. Our office has successfully defended several cases before courts as well as handling the negotiations for the return of stolen masterpieces.  


A series of crises in the Humanitarian Sector during the past few years has led to the formation of robust systems for Code of Conduct Observation by IOs and NGOs. 

However, the inexperience of the HR professionals and the nepotism in IOs and NGOs has turned those instruments of Discipline and Conduct to the Holy Inquisition of the Sector. 

Our Office reresents clients in cases of Investigations and hearings before Discipline Councils and Committees.


Medical Negligence and Malpractice is not only a distinct category of criminal and civil cases, but also a profitable business for Lawyers specializing in the field. 

Our Office provides a credible three tier Defence, covering Administrative, Penal and Civil Law aspects of the cases against MDs and Medical Professionals such as Nurses, Operators, Ambulance Crews and Paramedical Personnel.

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Military Life is harsh and demanding. So is the life of a public servant in Uniform. 

And marriage ties are tested to the extreme. 

A tour in a conflict zone, an engagement with live ammunition or simply the long hours a Serviceman or Servicewoman is absent from home, sometimes bring the resolution. 

Our Jurists will help you out all the way without jeopardizing your career.

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Most of the times our Lawyers stand on the Defence. In the particular case of LGBTQ+ Human Rights violation, our only defence is to attack the violator. 

States claim to protect Human Rights and battle Racism, Sexism and Expressions of Hate. However more often than not, states and societies are not ready to accept the new and the different. LGBTQ+ Human Rights Violations are perhaps the most graphic example of advanced legislation Vs conservative societies.  

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